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Explore the Food Philosophy with V-Lab Innovation and find pleasure in ready-to-eat healthy food. Healthy dieting can be as easy and fun as you want it to be!
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Our Mission

V-Lab Innovation is a Canadian-based food innovation company, committed to providing tasty and healthy food with scientific methods and fun ideas, through a sustainable path. We aim to help you develop effortless healthy diet habits and liven you up with ready-to-eat daily food.

Dr. Granola Series

Our Product

Dr. Granola

A little crunchy, a little chewy, granola is a versatile food that deserves a spot in your week. Dr. Granola is 100% natural, and comes with 5 different flavours containing a variety of healthy ingredients.

More Coming Soon

Fitness Snacks

Fitness Snacks

Well-balanced nutritional snacks and supplements for people who care about fitness and convenience.
Health food for the Female

Female Health Food

Healthy food specifically designed for female to maintain health and beauty from the inside out.
Snacks for kids

Snacks for Your Kids

Tasty and nutritious snacks for children of all ages and ready-to-eat during school breaks.
Snacks for fun

Snacks for Fun

Free to have fun with V-Lab branded food! Enjoy the joy from our snacks beyond your imagination.

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